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It works well to do this with a BR target like an RBA, USBR, ARA, with at least 25 different points to aim at (POA):


1. Set you tuner to "0" and fire two shots.
Turn tuner one complete revolution (25 clicks) and fire two shots, continue this until you reach "100".
You now have a 10 shot group, all shot at the same POA.
2. Repeat step one from "100" to "200"
3. Repeat Step one from "200" to "300".
4. Repeat Step one from "300" to "400"
5. Repeat Step one from "400" to "500".

You now have five 10-shot groups. One of the 10-shot groups will show the smallest vertical stringing.
You should have used only 50 rounds so far.
Let's say that you find that the "200" to "300" group shows the least vertical stringing.
6. Starting at "200", shoot 2 five shot groups. Shift to a different POA for each group.
7. Repeat at "225", "250", "275" and "300"
8. One of these settings will show a decrease in group size.
  Example: "250" showed the smallest group.
9. Now, start at "245" and shoot a five shot group at 245, 247, 249, 251, 253 and 255.
You will locate the "sweet" spot of your rifle barrel.
10. If you have any doubts, start over at Step #6, and redo the testing.

This is also known as "The Hopewell Method"