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Can you picture this - Here I am sitting at my bench after the Crawfish 50 yd Match trying to figure why my new sporter will not shoot. One Hundreds Dollars of test lots from Bob Collins and getting nowhere! Paul or someone walked by (who I am not sure>) and lamented with me on my predicament

He then said why not turn around and talk to the man sitting behind you. I turned around and asked the man (Familiar Face) if he had any Ideas? I explained it was a newly bedded Anschutz that I had just refinished the stock – DID I SCREW SOMETHING up by yanking the barreled action out of the stock and generously applying polyurethane to try and make it pretty??? At his suggestion I removed the two action screws using a 10” Allen Wrench. (Popular Posts said torque any where between 25 - -40 inch pounds)  Jim sidled up to the bench and slowly tightened and loosened front and rear action screws numerous times all the while gently caressing the front of the barrel. End result – he did not think I messed up anything the bedding seemed to be in good shape!!!!! (Thank s for little Favors)
He then, using the one of the finest Torque Wrenches, (thumb and fore finger) slowly tightened the action screws until they felt right and said ‘Give it a shot’. The net result was either 1 hole or the rest of my shoots went missed the target !!
I needed to sight in a new six power scope for 50 m sporter in the AM so I went to the truck to get my new scope. When I came back Jim was sitting at the bench putting a few rounds thru, what I hoped was a resurrected sporter. When I asked him what he thought?? He said “It shot where he expected it too – considering the wind.) – EURICA!!
I shot a couple of more rounds and all the test lots - they ALL – started to shoot.


The Sun Was Going Down!
Jim had moved back to a park bench with another gentleman named Doc. Soon joined by this guy who made Hall Actions - I think his name was Allen. They all watched as I wound-up my “Stabbing at the 25 Bulls!”
As I packed up my assortment of ‘New Guy’ equipment – Jim said throw that gun in the back of the truck – I asked Whose Truck? - He said mine!  I very quickly jerked all the junk out of a gun case – thru in the Anschutz along with a set of screw drivers and the trusty allen wrench.
 ( They had heard and Jim confirmed what a poor trigger Pull I had!)
Net Result was that my Rifle was returned the next morning for the 50 meter with a tuned trigger!!!!

back to their hotel room and work on it in the middle of the night??
Who will Stop by Your Bench to Impart some Knowledge?
Who will spend hours trying to help you beat them in the next match? will tell You Who - People Who Care About This Sport!!

The List is Long - But I would Like to give a special thanks to:
Jim Messer - He Touched My Anschutz and it shot!
Allen Hall - Who had to stay up with Jim and Try to resurrect my trigger!
Gary Mitchell - Mentor Extraordnare.
Bob Collins - Who has spent many hours trying ammo!
Rod Collins - He lent equipment and encouragement!
Paul Cambell - Who - If you will take the time to listen has great tips!
Stump - Excuse some of his posts - A heart of Gold and Encouragement!