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When I first started getting serious about benchrest shooting I read everything I could find. Some good and some not so good but all were educational. Later on sometimes when I would go back to reread something it was gone. Whether it was a website that shut down or a magazine article that my dog had chewed up.   That is what got me started building "Team 40X", "The Wind is Not You Friend" & Rimfire Benchrest.
Since then I have collected Articles. Posts, and other information that I found useful or interesting and thought were worth saving.
A lot of the material that I collected or compiled had to be edited to be website friendly. When editing I always tried to retain the original Substance and Style of the author.

I welcome any Thoughts, Articles or miscellaneous Ramblings that you feel would be beneficial to the Rimfire Community!
Please feel free to contact me at any time.


Updated Dec 2010
by Doug