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This is a Basic Scoring Program with a lot of the underlying code from my RBA, IR50/50, ARA and IBS programs.
It is made to score a 'Scores' match and not a 'Group' match. It will record the Score, X’s and First Miss(FM) and tabulate the results.

I have Replaced the Basic Program with the World Rimfire Benchrest Program.
If an Organization is interested in a copy of the Basic Program that is fully customizable please contact me.

I started work on this program when an Airgun organization asked me if I could maybe make them a Scoring Program. First I deleted a ton of code that was convoluted to make my other programs work with the idea just to score three targets with an agg. Next they asked about a National where they would shoot Three Targets one day and Three Targets the next day with two Three Target Aggs & a Six Tgt Agg.  Done Deal!
In December Dan asked if I had a Scoring Program that would score the new Professional Shooting League Matches which would be 5 Targets. UGH - None of my programs were designed to do 5 Targets with X count.
Well after 100 hours of rewriting my Visual Basic code I had him a working Program.
A lot of this time was spent Upgrading the basic program with Customization features for other Organizations who might need a basic Scoring Program. It was designed to score Two 3 to 5 target Events with Aggs and a Grand Agg. and an option to have two different equipment for both events with more Customization features then the average organization will every use.
It follows the same format as my other programs in that it will save shooters names and equipment from match to match. It will print out match results as well as individual Awards (certificate). It is customizable as to the Type of equip names & Clubs, Names & Equipment in the Drop Down boxes. At the end of a match it will create an email file in a database format that can be used for tracking results from match to match or update a website.
The more you play with it the more you will enjoy its ease of use and customizable features. It also has a feature that will allow an Organization to customize the program to match their rules and then lock it to prevent their clubs from making changes.
One example would be if they shoot both Rimfire & Airgun. They would customize one version for Rimfire and lock it. Then Customize another for Air Rifle and lock it.  (The possibilities are endless with this basic program.)

With all that said I probably 'lost my original focus' because it is no longer Basic!
The more you play with it the more you will enjoy its ease of use and customizable features.
The Instructions Page is from my other programs so it needs some work but in general it will give you an idea on how to use the program.
Give it a test drive and tell me what you think. 
I will updated it from time to time as I get input on what features Clubs and Organizations would be interested in seeing.

Doug at RimfireBenchrest.com

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