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IR 50/50 Scoring Program Ver 24 dtd 3/1/17 Is Out!

There are numerous enhancements to make it easy to score a match.
The Scores are now checked for a valid number!!
Also included are new Updates for Names, Shooter Id's and Clubs
This version will score two of the same type match's that are held the same
day including a one day State or Regional Yards & Meter Match.
The Email reports Classes in a format that allows Wilbur to update the
IR 50/50 website as soon as he receives the Match Results Email.
This is a lot faster than spending Days trying to add your scores to the Website!

JUST CLICK on "IR 50/50 Scoring Program" Button and Download.

If you have any troubles in downloading or setting up the program please
contact me at any time and I will be happy to help.
May 2014