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ARA Scoring Program Version 13 Is Out!


Version 8 & later has a whole new look & I tried to make little more user friendly for people who have never used one of my Scoring Programs or for those who might be a little 'Computer Challenged'. 
If you are holding a Tournament match then this version is required because it reports HOF Points for use in Dan's Database.

There is a Repair feature so if one of the formulas gets accidentally deleted or corrupted by going to the Main page and then back to Scores page most of the formulas are repaired.  
The Shooter's Names/ids and Club List have also been updated.
Equipment is now saved in the LkUp table next to the shooters name.

     Just Click on the Button to Download.   Updated 5/1/15

     Program to make a Club Report.    Doug   Updated 29 Sept 08
     This little program will make a report that will rank all your shooters by Agg + Points.
     Note: I have not checked this with my newer scoring programs