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A little Knowledge of Excel & Word Mail Merge using labels will be needed.
    (The Excel is easy but the Word Label Mail Merge might require some Help?)
 I built this program in Excel & Word 2003 & did some testing in 2000!
Does up to 100 Benches and 10 Relays with 1000 shooters.
Designed to use a Competitor Number and not a Name on Tgts
The Labels are sorted & printed by Competitor #  first & Relay 2nd
    ( Easier to keep track of when pasting to a large group of Tgts. )
Set Up to Use Avery # 5160 plain white 1" x 2 5/8" labels - 30 per sheet

You will need two files - The Target-Labeling Excel file & the Word Document  Label-TGT.doc
Mail Merge always likes to look in the same directory for the database file.
I recommend creating a folder named Benches.
Then down load both files and put them in that directory before opening.
    (Change either name and you might have to redo the Merge!)
Open the Target-Labeling-2012 excel file first and read the instructions! 
Run that program to create the DB before you open the TGT-Label document.
Feel Free to contact me if you need any help!

     Updated 05/18/2012     Doug