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I stated Rimfire Benchrest in hope of generating cooperation among all the Rimfire Disciplines.   I was working on an RBA scoring program at the time and started thinking how it could benefit the other organizations in there scoring and also help record and publish their match results.  An individual could shoot anywhere in the world and have his own ID.  This would hopefully eliminate some of the confusion that arises when a shooters name is spelled wrong or is known by a different nick name at different ranges.  Elizabeth at RBA and Wilbur at IR50/50 say the email match report and the name standardization saves them a ton of time.  Polly at ARA is equally excited and is hoping that more of her clubs will start using the program.  A slightly modified version of the  program was also used in the International Postal match that ended with the RBA Unlimited Nationals.  The 2006 Postal match generated enough interest that it was decided to make it an annual event under the newly formed "World Rimfire Benchrest Federation"  (WRB).  You will find a link to the WRB website below.  The feed back I am getting from Europe is that they are pushing to get rimfire benchrest into the Olympics and already have a couple sponsors lined up!  The bylaws are being built around generally accepted US standards.  The one slight departure is the events will be contested at 50 meters which is more of a world standard than yards.  I really hoping that the US Shooters will take an interest and we will have a better turnout for the coming years match.